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(22.7.2013) In the days of 20. -22. 5. 2013 was carried out the recertification audit of quality management system (QMS) and the first inspection audit of environmental management (EMS) in Sroubarna Kyjov
(22.6.2010) In the days 14. – 16. 6. 2010 the classification society Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) carried out the audit to introducing the quality management system according to the norm ISO/TS 16949
(23.6.2009) Sroubarna Kyjov has put into practise the system of environmental management according to ISO 14001
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Quality and Certification



Our Laboratory in in possession of devices for preparation, pressing-in and final modification of metallografical samples. We use the Metallografical Microscope for the analysis.

  • We inspect the structual evaluation of the material composition after being heat treated.
  • We analyze surface and inherent defects of materials.
  • We measure the width of the surface treatment layer.
  • Chemical composition of materials can be checked by our Spectra device for the chemical composition measuring.


Mechanical Testing Room:

We have our own devices for non-destructive and destructive testing.

  • Hardness Tests and Tensile Tests of input materials and finished products.


Output Control:

Final Control of products before packing and expedition consists:

  • Dimensional control of products
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Surface Treatment Control

Control and Metrological Department executes and provides verification and calibration of all gauges and measuring devices at our company.

Based on Output Control, Inspection Certificates and other corresponding documents are issued.



  • ISO9001:2008
  • ISO14001:2004
  • ISO/TS16949:2009
  • Production certificate DB AG (German Railways)
  • Moravia Steel Deutschland Q1 Certificate
  • Approvals by RENFE (Spanish Railways), SBB (Swiss Railways) and NETWORK RAIL (UK)