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(22.7.2013) In the days of 20. -22. 5. 2013 was carried out the recertification audit of quality management system (QMS) and the first inspection audit of environmental management (EMS) in Sroubarna Kyjov
(22.6.2010) In the days 14. – 16. 6. 2010 the classification society Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) carried out the audit to introducing the quality management system according to the norm ISO/TS 16949
(23.6.2009) Sroubarna Kyjov has put into practise the system of environmental management according to ISO 14001
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Quality, Environmental Protection and Energy Management Policy

The core business of the company Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r. o. is manufacturing and sale of fastening element, in particular for railways, and forgings of bearing rings, cams and machined bearing rings for the automotive supplier chains. An integral part of business activities is constant quality improvement, reducing environmental impact, care for the health of employees and optimum energy management leading to the reduction of energy intensity. Acknowledging the social responsibility towards all stakeholders and taking care for sustainable development this quality assurance, environment protection and energy management policy was defined in particular areas of the strategic framework.

The headquarters of the company Sroubarna Kyjov proclaims within entrepreneurial strategy following quality, environmental protection and energy management policy:

A. Partnership

Our main aim is keeping and strengthening the position of leading European producer of fasteners for railway´s top, with next usage of our products within a new projects realization in whole world and support cooperation with our customers to develop new systems of rail fastenings.

We consider our customers within the automotive industry supplier’s chain as most important, that create a stable part fulfilling the strategy, aims, development and continual improving of the company. The aim is 100% deliveries without non-compliance and on time.

We keep both side advantageous relationship with the main process entries suppliers in order to maintain the reliability of our own manufacture processes and the quality of our products and we use production base, technological and research activities and experiences of all members of TŽ-MS group.


This quality, environmental protection and energy management policy is in accordance with the principles set in TŽ-MS group’s quality, environmental protection and energy management policy.

B. Technology

The main point of effort all employees of the company is fulfilling the customer´s current and future requirements and surpassing of their expectations. In the automotive industry supplier’s chain are process approaches exercised with aim to achieve the zero fault strategy.

Permanent increasing the quality of products maintains the company through optimization and continual improving of all processes and activities, with usage of methods project management and team work at all levels of management.

The organization activities are focused on increasing the quality of products, productivity increasing, implementation of new products and manufacture technologies in order to use effectively the raw materials and energies and the quantity of waste materials is decreased and the share of their usage is scaled up and to minimize the impact of possible accidents at human’s health and lives, environment and the property.

The main objective of the company includes continuous reduction of energy consumption in all our processes, machines, equipments, buildings and its appliances.

C. People

Increasing the intellectual capital, qualification, knowledge and skills of employees is a basic approach in human resources management. Employee training and education system covers the needs of the existing projects and projects under preparation whilst at the same time reducing the key employee turnover rate.

The top management uses systemic way of managing and creates surroundings for full connecting all employees to getting aims of the company by increasing the knowledge of responsibility for the quality of products and increasing the environmental awareness.

By exercising principals of environmental management and employee’s motivation we contribute to permanent improving of the environment, permanent decreasing of environmental impact of used technologies and products, reducing energy consumption and prevention of environment pollution.

D. Management

The decisive role in the management system of the quality, environmental protection and energy management takes the company top management that transfers part of the responsibilities to all levels of management.

Top management of the company in its approach promotes and supports fulfilment of commitments set out in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report and Code of Conduct.

In the manufacturing and supporting processes we reinforce the principles of process approach aimed at prevention, which together with project management and team work on all levels are the basis for constant improvement of all management systems.

The permanent aim of the company is continuous improvement and efficiency increase of the system of quality, environmental protection and energy management, based on the decision process, that is based upon measureable facts, analysis, available information, reviewing and practice experiences of qualified workers.

We prefer to purchase energy-saving equipments, products and services, we support proposals to reduce the energy consumption of production and support processes and activities.

Top management of the company undertakes to meet consequently the requirements of relevant legal and other regulations and obligatory obligations concerning the business activities of the company in the area of quality assurance, environment protection, health protection and energy management.

The management of the company is committed to promote the Quality, Environmental protection and Energy management Policy and to ensure the availability and adequacy of human, material, financial and informational sources. 

Kyjov, 2th January 2018

Rudolf Nesvadba, Ing. Marek Světlík