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(22.7.2013) In the days of 20. -22. 5. 2013 was carried out the recertification audit of quality management system (QMS) and the first inspection audit of environmental management (EMS) in Sroubarna Kyjov
(22.6.2010) In the days 14. – 16. 6. 2010 the classification society Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) carried out the audit to introducing the quality management system according to the norm ISO/TS 16949
(23.6.2009) Sroubarna Kyjov has put into practise the system of environmental management according to ISO 14001
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DB AG - German Railways

SNCF - French Railways

RENFE - Spanish Railways

SBB - Swiss Railways

CD - Czech Railways

ZSR - Slovak Railways

NETWORK RAIL - British Railways

OBB - Austrian Railways

Other railways in the following countries:

Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Lithuana, Greece, Norway, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Mauritania, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan and other.

We have also delivered our products to the USA, Chile, Venezuela, Egypt and Morocco.