The group of companies TŽ / MS

The iron and steel works TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s.(TŽ) has one of the longest traditions of metallurgical production in the Czech Republic. The company was founded in 1839 by the Teschen Chamber (Těšínská komora), an institution representing the business interests of the Dukes of Teschen. During its long history, the works became one of the most important iron and steel producers in former Czechoslovakia and then in the Czech Republic. Today, TŽ is the most important subsidiary company of MORAVIA STEEL, a.s. (MS) and it is the largest Czech iron and steel works with Czech ownership. The production of coke, pig iron, steel and rolled stock, together with the processing of accompanying products, form a closed metallurgical production cycle. The production of TŽ represents one third of today's total yearly steel production in the Czech Republic

High-quality steel (mostly converter steel) is rolled in four rolling mills in Třinec and one in Bohumín into a wide range of mostly long products. TŽ's basic product portfolio includes wire, concrete-reinforcing steel, structural steel, special bar steel, railway rails, flat steel products and semi-finished products.

We supply semi-finished products to many customers, including companies belonging to the TŽ-MS Group: the tube-rolling mill Válcovna trub TŽ in Ostrava-Vítkovice and the billet mill Sochorová válcovna TŽ in Kladno. Other prominent companies in the TŽ-MS Group which process TŽ products or which offer their products and services to TŽ include: power plant Energetika Třinec, a.s. ||, machinery company Strojírny Třinec, a.s. ||, foundry Slévarny Třinec, a.s. ||, manufacturer of refractory material Refrasil, s.r.o. ||, courier company Doprava TŽ based in Třinec, chain manufacturer Řetězárna in Česká Ves || steel drawing mill Ferromoravia, s.r.o. in Staré Město ||, automation engineering company VÚHŽ a.s. in Dobrá||, research and development company MATERIÁLOVÝ A METALURGICKÝ VÝZKUM s.r.o. ||, and screw and bolt manufacturer Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r.o. ||.

So far, TŽ has produced 170 million tons of steel and rolled products which have been sold all over the world. In recent years, about one half of the company's products, stamped with the TŽ symbol of three hammers in a circle, is exported to over 60 countries of the world.